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Welding qualifications

Do you wish to demonstrate that you are professionally competent and are competent to perform high quality welding? This for a specific welding process and within a specific scope of validity? Our rich experience in welding qualifications guarantees a qualification tailored to your needs that conforms to the applicable standards.

A weld is a permanent joint, the quality of which is essential for the lifetime, the reliability and the safety of a welded structure. A qualified welder offers certainty concerning the technical ability and personal skills of a welder, and a proof that the concerned person can execute a high quality weld (for example, without defects) with a particular welding process, and within a particular scope of validity. A qualified welding procedure provides proof that a specifically defined welding method results in a high quality joint, the quality of which (for example, the mechanical properties) are as good as, or even better than, the properties of the base materials that are joined.

In both cases, a test piece is welded in the presence of the assessor. The necessary tests and inspections (laid down under the specific qualification standard) are conducted, and if their results are positive, the assessor will accordingly issue certificates, specifying the scope of validity.

Vinçotte is active in a large number of sectors in the welding construction industry, and is thoroughly up-to- date as regards the many national and international standards relating to welding qualifications. That makes us the right choice as assessor for all your qualifications. For customers, our decades of experience in this field are an excellent guarantee of the quality of the certificates issued.

Since Vinçotte is a member of the CEOC (European Confederation of Inspection Organisations), our certificates are recognised and accepted by other European Member States.

As a “Notified Body” 0026, Vinçotte can also approve existing certificates as per the requirements of European Directive 97/23/EC, Annex

A welding qualification provided by us thereby automatically satisfies and is recognised by all other Notified Bodies in all European Member States.


To ensure the high quality of welded structures, most European Directives, construction standards and regulations prescribe that the welding work must be carried out by qualified welders, in conformity with qualified welding procedures. Based on National regulations, contractual provisions or specifications, manufacturers or contractors may be required to avail of the services of an independent inspection organisation such as Vinçotte, for the required qualifications.

Norms and Standards

  • ASME IX for the qualification of welders, welding procedures, brazers and brazing procedures.
  • EN ISO 9606 series for the European qualification of welders.
  • EN 15607 to EN 15614 series for the European qualification of welding procedures.
  • EN ISO 14732 for the qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanised and automatic welding of metals
  • EN ISO 13585 and 13134 for the qualification of brazers and brazing procedures.
  • Further welding qualifications as per API 1104 (pipelines), Military STD 1595A (military constructions), ISO 24394 (aerospace).

Our service is intended for everyone who is responsible for the high quality execution of welding and permanent joints. Such as manufacturers, installers, welders, maintenance services, etc.

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