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Eco-label validation

Research and surveys among European citizens have shown that barely half of them trust environmental claims made by companies. As a result, companies that take reliable actions to reduce their impact on the environment are at risk of not reaping the benefits. Vinçotte can help to make this possible. We validate eco-labels on, for example, recycled content of products, use of renewable energy sources and renewable or circular materials.

First of all, we listen to the environmental claim or eco-label that you wish to put on the market. Together we look at how best to define the label so that it is clear to your customers, moreover verifiable, relevant and not misleading. We use ISO14021 as a framework, together with the 10YFP framework of the UN. In addition, we always stay up to date regarding initiatives taken within the framework of the European Green Deal.

In any case, you will receive a protocol that clearly indicates how the label or claim is structured. In this way, you are ready for outside questions about the reliability of your label. If the claim or label is periodically verified, we also make a verification protocol that lists which checks are carried out to guarantee the validity and reliability of the label. Finally, you also receive a Vinçotte certificate that you can use for communication.

ISO14021 - Type II Environmental Labelling

10YFP - Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information

For all companies and organisations that want to market a reliable eco-label or environmental claim

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