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FSSC 22000 (*)

As a company active in the food industry, quality and food safety are vitally important. The customers who buy your products require you to demonstrate that quality and food safety are a high priority for you. Can you provide such guarantees, and are they accepted all over the world? Has this been confirmed by an independent third party?

In the course of the audit for the FSSC 22000 standard, the Vinçotte auditor assesses how far your company satisfies the requirements laid down under the FSSC 22000 standard. The FSSC 22000 standard is based on the ISO 22000 standard and on additional requirements laid down by FSSC 22000 (see The work experience of the auditors enables them to fully appreciate your situation and realistically appraise your HACCP system and management system. Thanks to their expertise, they are excellent contact partners for your organisation and contribute to greater awareness amongst your employees.

A competent auditor with experience in your sector will thoroughly assess your quality and food safety system

  • A detailed audit report that clearly spells out deviations from the FSSC 22000 standard (wherever required), and enables you to reduce your risks
  • You will have a certificate that communicates your efforts in this regard
  • FSSC 22000 is authorised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), and therefore satisfies the requirements laid down by retailers
  • Inclusion in the publicly accessible FSSC 22000 register with certified companies
  • You will reduce the cost and the time required for the conduct of supplier audits

Norms and Standards

  • General requirements of the food law EU/178/2002
  • Regulation on Hygiene of foodstuffs EU/852/2004
  • Hygiene rules for food of animal origin EU/853/2004
  • Microbiological criteria for foodstuffs EU/2073/2005
  • Provision of food information to consumers EU/1169/2011
  • Materials and articles which come into contact with foodstuffs EU/1935/2004

FSSC 22000 standard:

(*) = under accreditation BELAC 016-INSP, 016-PROD, 016-QMS

  • The FSSC 22000 standard covers the activities that affects the food safety of all companies.
  • Companies that manufacture raw materials and semi-finished products intended for food products
  • Companies that wish to implement a professional food safety management system
  • Companies that want to have a thorough evaluation of their food safety management system
  • Companies that want to strengthen their (international) image through certification
  • Companies that wish to internally stimulate their organisation with the certification

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