14 March News , Solutions

Vinçotte uses Magnetic Rope Testing for groundbreaking cable inspections

From towering cranes lifting heavy loads to cable cars transporting passengers through breathtaking landscapes, cables play a crucial role in numerous industries. However, worn and damaged cables pose a significant safety risk, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Visual inspection is no longer sufficient

Visual inspections are important, but they often miss crucial internal wear and tear. This can lead to unexpected failures, with sometimes catastrophic consequences for people and production.

The solution: Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT)

MRT is an innovative, non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that uses magnetism to detect internal and external defects in cables. The MRT technique completely magnetises the cable, creating a uniform magnetic field.

MRT is an innovative and reliable cable inspection method that increases the safety and efficiency of your cables.

You can find more info on our MRT inspections on our new service page, including our recent case study on the inspection of the "Brabo" pontoon crane in the port of Antwerp.