08 March News , Solutions

Port of Antwerp-Bruges asks Vinçotte for inspection of Brabo pontoon crane

Thanks to advanced Magnetic Rope Testing technology, we delivered a thorough inspection of the boom cables.

Belgium's largest floating crane, "Brabo", is owned by the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and capable of lifting 800 tonnes. She remains actively engaged in complex lifting operations in the port, despite being more than 40 years old.

With this inspection, Vinçotte assures that future operations can also be carried out safely, so that the crane can continue to be used without any problems for years to come.

MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing) was the ideal NDT technique for the job for us. This method involves fully magnetising a section of cable and then identifying and measuring changes in the magnetic field due to broken wires, corrosion, wear or mechanical damage.

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MRT case study - Brabo - Port of Antwerp-Bruges