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Launch of Dosiclient, the digital dosimetry portal of Vinçotte Controlatom

Dosiclient is an online dosimetry portal where you can consult and manage all your dosimetry. The dosimetry portal has been designed with the aim of making this management as efficient as possible and thus facilitating your administrative tasks regarding dosimetry.

New version of the digital dosimetry portal, Dosiclient #

Digitization is of great importance at Vinçotte Controlatom, for example, the dosimetry portal Dosiclient exists since 2009. Over the years there have been several updates to the portal, and we think the time is right to launch a thoroughly reworked version in 2022. For example, the dosimetry portal has not only had functional updates, but also a totally new look. This new version enables you to monitor all your dosimetry even more easily in an efficient online environment.

What's new ? #

The most striking adjustment of the dosimetry portal is the general look. In the previous version of Dosiclient, so much information was available that it was not always easy to keep an overview. As a result, we have chosen to facilitate the online environment making it much more intuitive to use.

In addition to the visual aspect, several functionalities have been added to promote user-friendliness.

In addition to the visual aspect, several functionalities have been added to promote user-friendliness. For example, it is now possible to export all dosimetric data as a PDF or Excel file, so that you can easily save this data if necessary. It is now also possible to export all individual exposure tables, both for the sliding year and for the past 2 years.

To support you even better in the use of the dosimetry portal, there are several documents available within the portal. For example, you can find various brochures with more information about the practical aspects of the dosimetry at Vinçotte Controlatom. An extensive manual is also available, both on the dosimetry portal and on the Vinçotte Controlatom website. In addition to these documents, there is also an e-learning available as a video so that you can get acquainted with the new version of Dosiclient at your own pace.

More info?

More information about Dosiclient and dosimetry at Vinçotte Controlatom

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