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VCU certification

The VCU system is based on the VCA system. VCU is a procedure for the certification of the safety and health management system of temporary staffing agencies. It applies to the provision of personnel to clients who require VCA, and to VCA certified undertakings.

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VCU is a procedure for the certification of a safety management system. This means that the temporary recruitment agency must prove that it satisfies the VCU criteria, presented in the form of a questionnaire during audits carried out by an authorised certification body like Vinçotte.

There are several stages in the certification cycle:

  • initial contacts and information
  • offer/order
  • possible pre-audit (analysis and evaluation of dossiers on request)
  • preparatory verification of the documentation
  • audit and report:

An audit consists of a verification of the documentation of the system and the implementation of the system in the company. The remarks are recorded in an audit report.

  • Decision and certificate (+ corrective measures):

Based on this report, the coordinator of the certification body decides whether or not the contractor may be certified. If the recommendation is positive, a certificate is awarded. If not, an additional audit (post audit) will have to be carried out after implementing corrective measures, in order to decide whether the system effectively complies with the requirements of the standard.

  • follow-up audits:

A follow-up audit will be carried out each year. This audit consists of an evaluation of how the system has evolved.

The certificates are valid for three years and the main elements have to be verified again each year. After three years, a full recertification audit has to be carried out.

VCU is part of the Central Committee of Experts (CCVD-VCA), which manages the VCU certification system and monitors its quality. As a certification body, Vinçotte must meet all the accreditation requirements and comply with the agreement between the certification body and the SSVV (Foundation Cooperation for Safety).

Our auditors are very experienced and help you obtain the certificate; they are ready and available to assess your safety management systems and to indicate the best procedures to you. Our auditors are also very familiar with the industrial context within which your company operates.

The certificates issued provide you with the following advantages:

  • a significant reduction in the number of accidents and consequently in employee absences
  • a decrease in undesirable consequences and the associated costs
  • a reduction in the damage caused to company installations and in the costs arising from work stoppages
  • they confirm to your employees that things are proceeding as they should be, and that they are working in a structured manner to protect their own safety and that of others
  • they motivate your employees to improve safety
  • they provide you access to markets where it is absolutely necessary to make the workplace as safe as possible (for example, SCC (Safety Checklist for Contractors)** certified companies, petrochemical and the steel industry)
  • improving the image of the company, both in the eyes of the personnel as well as of the outside world.


The legislation, regulations and standards in force are duly complied with during the entire course of the management system audit both as regards the field of activity and the workplace.

Norms and Standards

This service is provided in conformity with the VCU reference standards.

VCU is intended for organisations that supply staff with transfer of authority, to companies carrying out high-risk activities or perform work in high-risk environments (factories, workshops, sites of major projects). This hierarchical authority is therefore exercised by the user.

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