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Tank Inspection

Do you have storage tanks? Do you wish to correctly understand their condition? By how much has the wall thickness decreased, and are the existing deformations acceptable? Vinçotte proposes various methods to map almost all types of defects.

Vinçotte has various techniques to identify the condition of a tank. This ranges from intrusive methods that of course produce the best results, for which the tanks have to be emptied. To non-intrusive methods.

The following is a list of the proposed techniques (also see separate product data sheets)

Floor scan

MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) system for corrosion testing of carbon steel bottom plates

MT - Magnetoscopy

Conventional methods for crack detection in welds

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement Testing) or TECA (Tangential Eddy Current Array) testing

Electromagnetic method for crack detection in welds This is a substitute for MT and includes depth determination. Possibility of testing of coated/covered surfaces. Little preparation - and no couplant - is required.

UT wall thickness measurement

Conventional wall thickness measurements

AUT (Automated corrosion mapping)/Corrosion mapping

Corrosion mapping using semi automated scanners using conventional UT probes or multi- element probes (UTPA [Ultrasonic Phased Array])


Tele-controlled UT wall thickness measurements. For example, tank wall or roof tests.

Vacuum testing

Assessing leak-tightness of welds.

Laser profilometry

There are various laser measurements for mapping deformations among other things, or to assess the severity of corrosion in order areas.


Long Range UT = Non-intrusive inspection method for inspecting the outermost bottom plates or crown plates from the outside of the tank.

Norms and standards

Vinçotte NDT works closely with the Pressure and RBI Department. Whereby results obtained can thereafter be assessed according to the appropriate standards and codes. Thanks to the entire package, Vinçotte is in a position to help its customers in the best possible manner.

In collaboration with the pressure department, work can be done according to various regulations.

Norms and Standards

These tests can be conducted as per EEMUA159 or API653 and others.

This service package is relevant for the following sectors:

  • Petrochemical sector
  • Energy producing sector
  • Aerospace and aeronautical sector
  • Other sectors that use storage tanks

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