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Safety coordination and technical advice for temporary or mobile work sites

A safety coordinator needs to be involved when the ideas are being formulated, or when the ideas are being put into practice as part of a construction work. Vinçotte can operate as your ideal partner, tapping into all the know-how available within its four walls.

In the case of the legislation on temporary or mobile work sites, the focus is on activities to be carried out for an existing building, a planned building, a site, road works,…. The services of our expert cover both the design and implementation stages, offering support from the idea to the practical implementation stage.

Design stage

Starting with the initial reflection process and pursuant to the Royal Decree, a safety coordinator has to be appointed to share the thinking throughout the entire design process with a view to preventing occupational accidents. The safety plan our coordinator draws up changes over time as the design process progresses and has a bearing on the safety of the people involved and third parties.

Implementation stage

The same safety coordinator is generally involved in both the design and implementation stages. The coordinator keeps track of all the activities, coordinating all the safety factors for simultaneous and successive activities. Accordingly, all contractors, for example, have their own prevention/safety advisors, who are overseen by the safety coordinator, who has an overview of the various activities.

The coordinator's task is based upon adopting an impartial approach, while the official's relationship with the prime contractor is solely a contractual one.

Thanks to their specific training, all our coordinators are level A experts. They offer safety and technical advice to ensure everything goes according to plan. Working together with Vinçotte offers you the advantage of extensive know-how within one company. In the event of other examinations, inspections and assistance being required, experts from other disciplines can be mobilised in a very short period of time.

Thanks to this service you will be able to meet all the legal requirements and guarantee the well-being of staff and third parties. Every site inspection, meeting, discussion,… is worked up into a report so you can ensure people are well-informed about what is going wrong, what is going right and what could still go wrong.

Royal Decree of 2001/01/25 on temporary or mobile work sites

Norms and standards

not applicable

This service is intended for all stakeholders involved in building operations.

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