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Inspection of work equipment

All work equipment, the safety of which depends on the method of installation or that are subject to factors that cause deterioration, and could lead to hazardous situations, should be subjected to pre-commissioning inspections as well as periodic inspections. Such inspections should be conducted by a duly qualified and competent person.

Also, all work equipment must satisfy minimum safety requirements according to the latest advances in technology. A risk analysis can identify all the possible points requiring attention that could be relevant in this connection.

work equipment: all the machinery, equipment, tools and accessories used at the workplace;

With 130 services and 140 years of experience in inspecting industrial plants and machinery, Vinçotte has the expertise in house, to assist your personnel during pre-commissioning as well as periodic inspections. You may commission the conduct of such inspections by us, as an authorised entity, and you can count on independent and expert advice, both as regards pre-commissioning as well as periodic inspections. Furthermore, Vinçotte can also conduct the risk analysis of your work equipment, which has been made mandatory by the Welfare at Work Code.

If you conduct pre-commissioning and periodic inspections, in addition to the risk analysis of your work equipment, your personnel will have more time to focus their attention on your ‘core competence’ activities.

The Welfare at Work Code applies to this service.

Norms and Standards

This service is intended for industrial companies and SMEs that possess work equipment but do not themselves carry out pre-commissioning and periodic inspections, or conduct risk analyses and prepare the reports on the same.

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