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Inspection of gas installations

Do you wish to be sure about whether there are any leaks in your installation and do you want to reduce the possibility of CO poisoning? Our experts will inform you concerning the conformity of your gas installation in accordance with the latest statutory regulations and standards.

Our experts will check the conformity of:

  • connecting parts
  • materials
  • methods of installing equipments and piping
  • ventilation
  • chimney flues
  • chimney flue openings
  • appliances
  • valves

Further, we carry out a leak tightness test of your entire installation and draw up a certificate for the opening of the meter, for your insurer, or for your prevention consultant.

Thanks to our inspection, you can be assured that leakages will be detected, that the chance of CO poisoning remains limited, and that the gas installation conforms to the latest applicable laws and standards.

Furthermore, this certificate is required to:

  • commence the filling of the LPG container
  • have the meter opened
  • allow football stadiums to operate
  • enable the operation of nursing homes and care institutions
  • enable hospitals to operate
  • fulfil the requirements of Article 23 §2 of the Royal Decree dated 28.03.2014, relating to fire prevention at workplaces
  • enable the operation of an accommodation establishment
  • be allowed to enter with mobile installations at fairs, exhibition halls, markets, etc.


  • Royal Decree 06/11/1979: hospitals
  • Royal Decree 06/07/2013: stadiums
  • Decree of 02/04/2009 and modifications for rest homes recognised by the French Community in the Brussels Capital Region
  • Decree of the Flemish Government dated 09.12.2011: retirement homes
  • Decree of the Flemish Government dated 11.09.2009 and amendments: tourist accommodation
  • Decree of the Executive of the French Community dated 24.12.1990: hotels
  • Decree of the Brussels Capital Region dated 09.11.1993 and amendments: furnished rented accommodation
Order of the Walloon Government dated 15.10.2009 and modifications: retirement homes
Order of the Walloon Government dated 09.12.04 and modifications: tourist accommodation
  • Order of the Government relating to the German-speaking Community dated 26.06.2008: living, counselling and health centres for the elderly and psychiatric care
  • Order of the Government relating to the German-speaking Community dated 13.04.2000 and modifications: tourist accommodation
  • Royal Decree of 28/03/2014, Article 23 §2 relating to fire prevention in workplaces

Norms and Standards

NBN D 51-003, NBN D 51-004, NBN B 61-001, NBN B 61-002, NBN D 51-006.

This service is intended for private and industrial operators of gas installations: natural gas, butane, propane gas, medical gases, industrial gases.

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