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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Do you wish to have an inspection of your heating, ventilation or air conditioning installation? Vinçotte can carry out this inspection on all types of your installations, on site.

Our inspections mainly relate to the following aspects of the installations:

  • conformity of the installation (to specifications, applicable standards and good practices)
  • safety
  • functionality (regulation, safety, etc.)
  • performance (efficiency, power)
  • environmental aspects (emissions, legionella, noise)

We have an adequate range of calibrated measuring equipment to execute such commissions:

  • water flows: TA valves, ultrasound, deltaP
  • airflows: anemometers, micro-manometers, cones, pitot tubes, hot wire
  • air, fumes, water temperatures
  • composition of fumes (authorised laboratory)
  • comfort meter (temperature, humidity, wind speed, gradient, etc.)
  • data logger

Our interventions can be made at various levels:

  • delivery of new installations
  • periodic inspections (heating, legionella, safety, etc.)
  • audits (particularly in the context of energy audits)
  • expertise (in case of complaints, extremely unsatisfactory functioning)

Our audits will ensure that your heating, ventilation or air conditioning system undergoes a very thorough-going inspection.

Norms and Standards

  • The inspections are conducted based on various documents, including:
  • Specifications 105 for public buildings
  • European and/or Belgian standards
  • specific contractual specifications If there are no reference documents, our inspections can still be conducted taking into account good practices that apply to the relevant field of specialisation.

Although our service is primarily intended for association buildings and the public or tertiary sectors, our experts do not rule out domestic installations. We also execute commissions for owners, lessees or installation managers, depending on the case. Our regular customers also include installation firms.

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