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High voltage electrical installations

Electricity is indispensable in our society as it exists today. Electricity is an energy source that is easy to transport and to use. Further, it forms the basis of a very wide range of applications, extending from all kinds of household appliances, to computers, and to the most advanced achievements in the field of medicine, communications, etc. As is true of all forms of energy, electricity will only retain its function as long as it is used within specified conditions. Our experts carry out the necessary checks to ensure this, and shall issue you with a certificate in case of positive results.

The electrical installations must be manufactured using safe electrical equipment, according to their intended purpose, and all their components should be properly maintained in accordance with the rules of the RGIE and of good workmanship. This should be done in such a manner that in case of faultlessly executed maintenance and use in accordance with the intended purpose, no danger is caused to personal safety and to the preservation of property.

References to safety in relation to electricity may refer to various aspects, including:

  • the safety aspects relating to the design of the installations: a good choice of materials and installation methods, apart from correct dimensioning, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation and the safe use of the installations
  • safety during the implementation of the installation, with execution of the installation in accordance with the design on the one hand, and the safety of the persons performing the installation on the other
  • the safe operation of the plant: for safe operation and use, to notify and handle the problems that may arise, etc.
  • safety during maintenance, detecting faults, repairing the same, conducting inspections, making minor extensions or changes, and similar interventions in installations during operation, apart from the actual use of the plant itself

It is absolutely necessary that high voltage installations should be manufactured and maintained in a safe and reliable manner.

One should also not forget low-voltage powered high voltage devices:

  • neon signs
  • electrostatic paint and spray painting equipment
  • devices for stunning animals
  • ignition system of fuel oil and gas burners
  • electric fence systems
  • electrostatic filter systems

Insurance companies (Assuralia) grant discounts on the insurance premium if certain preconditions are fulfilled, specific requirements are met, and certain inspections are carried out. Such inspections have to be carried out by authorised bodies like Vinçotte.

If the inspection results are positive, our experts shall award the certificate required by insurance companies.

Our services can assure you of the following:

  • compliance inspections and periodic annual inspections
  • inspections as per specifications
  • current injection tests on high voltage protections
  • advice on how to work safely on electrical systems (implementation of BA4- BA5)
  • dielectric tests on high voltage lines
  • thermography on high voltage overhead lines
  • inspection of old electrical installations

Safety, operational reliability and comfort hold the key to the proper functioning of an electrical installation. Entrust the inspection of your electrical system to a Vinçotte specialist.

General Regulations for Electrical Installations (RGIE)

Art. 272: Conformity testing and inspection visits to high-voltage installations.

All high-voltage equipments must compulsorily undergo the following: a pre-commissioning compliance inspection, and an annual inspection visit after any major alterations or major additions are made to the existing equipment.

  • Art. 8: Electrical high voltage equipment.
  • Art. 19: Preconditions for installation of electrical equipment depending on its surroundings
  • Art. 58: Electrostatic filter systems
  • Art. 61: Electric fence installations
  • Art. 64: The electrostatic application of paints and coatings
  • Art. 65: High voltage ignition devices for oil burners
  • Art. 66: High voltage ignition devices for gas burners
  • Art. 242.08: Discharge lamps powered by transformers, converters or inverters
  • Art. 267: Regular visits to high-voltage plants
  • Art. 268: Duties of the owner or the manager of industrial companies

General Regulations for the Protection of Employees (ARAB) Article 262 The electrical installations are inspected:

1. before each installation is commissioned;

2. once a year in case of all high or medium voltage plants;

3. before commissioning any actual alteration or extension of a high or medium voltage installation.

Royal Decree of 4th December 2012 on the minimum requirements relating to the safety of electrical installations in workplaces.

Royal Decree of 2nd June 2008 concerning the minimum requirements for the safety of certain old electrical installations in workplaces.

Periodic inspections are carried out after the initial inspection:

1. every five years, in the case of low-voltage installations;

2. annually in the case of high-voltage installations;

3. annually in case of installations located in areas in which there is a risk of explosion of a mixture of air and gases, vapours, mists or dust;

4. annually in case of temporary or mobile installations as per Section 270 of the RGIE.

Assuralia: Insurer Rules relating to electrical installations. REGELEK 2013 : Assuralia - Requirements relating to electrical installations

This service is primarily intended for:

  • industries
  • SMEs
  • businesses: restaurants, cafés, tavern, etc.

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