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Thermography – non-destructive testing method

This measurement technique is used in industries to prevent production loss, to detect production problems, to prevent fire or other disasters, and to track installations in the course of time. Various applications in the personal sphere are also possible.

General applications (both in a personal context as well as professional context)

  • Inspection of electrical installations
  • Checking heat losses in (private as well as public) buildings
  • Checking the insulation quality of buildings and installations
  • Leak detection in pipelines of, for example, the central heating system and of underfloor heating
  • Blockages in pipelines
  • Defects or energy loss in solar panels and related installations

Extra industrial applications

  • Checking of wear and tear and thermal anomalies in industrial installations
  • Checking steam pipes, steam boilers, incinerators, chemical installations, etc.
  • Predictive approach is possible
  • Results can be seen immediately
  • Measurements may be carried out indoors or outdoors
  • No direct contact between the camera and the object under investigation,  possibility of use in case of locations that are difficult to access, can be used for electrically live objects or to investigate hazardous environments
  • No interruption of processes is required (for example, industrial or electrical installations need not be shut down during the inspection)
  • The analysis report will contain images showing the problem areas
  • Cost efficiency: quickly visible results, problems are detected without breaking operations, without the need to dismantle installations, our services provide professional advice for repairs

This technique applies to private individuals, SMEs and to large industrial companies as well. The interpretation of the data may differ to a large extent depending on the environment in which this technique is used.

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