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Low voltage electrical inspections of lifts (or similar lifting gear)

Does your company have one or more lifts (or any lifting gear such as cranes, auto-hoists, escalators, etc.)? You probably have them inspected by an authorized body as required under current legislation, but do you also inspect their electrical circuitry? Do you know that certain lifting devices have complex peculiarities which require in-depth inspection of their low voltage electrical components?

Electrical inspections are carried out for the purposes of fire prevention and prevention of the risk of electric shock, direct (direct physical contact with potentially dangerous componentd) and indirect (continuity of earthing of components likely to propagate dangerous potential) which may be encountered by users (operators) of such installations.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with the compliance of your lift or similar lifting gear with current legislation, but is rather a preventive measure to detect signs of defects in installations.

You can always be sure that your equipment is always functioning safely and properly.

Our inspection only focusses on the electrical installation downstream of the main switch, and only the parts inherent to using and operating the lift (or similar lifting gear) are taken into account.

You will receive a circumstantiated report, based on our internal procedure L1051/1051 012, which includes not only our findings but also the identification of the installation, its general electrical specifications, and a detailed description of other checks carried out, including:

» Administrative checks

» Measurements

» Tests carried out

These special inspections, not imposed, are recommended for all companies and organisations which use lifts or similar lifting gear, which are especially attentive to personal safety and keen to cover their liabilities as managers vis-à-vis their personnel.

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