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Inspection of quality assurance systems

Under the Flemish Regulations, collectors, dealers and/or agents in hazardous waste must have a quality assurance system for the Sustainable Management of Material Cycles and Waste Materials (VLAREMA). This system must be approved by an independent inspection body no later than the 1st of June 2015.

Vinçotte has been recognised as an inspection body by OVAM and is authorised to carry out the statutory inspection of your quality assurance system. In the inspection, it shall be examined whether the system substantively satisfies the provisions of VLAREMA, and to what extent VLAREMA is also implemented in practice. This is done based on a substantive audit of the quality assurance system, interviews with the concerned members of staff, and through random checks of the waste register.

If you have an ISO 9001 or 14001 management system, these work methods will be included in the existing management system. Our inspection can be perfectly combined with ISO audits if any.

If so desired, Vinçotte can carry out a pre-audit before conducting the inspection. In the pre-audit, a check is made of the comprehensiveness of your quality management system in relation to the statutory requirements, and whether it qualifies for a formal inspection.

Through this service, we help you fulfil your statutory duty to have and implement an approved quality assurance system. Furthermore, our experts formulate proposals that can further improve your system, during the inspections. Our inspection can be perfectly combined with audits of your existing ISO 9001 and 14001 management system, thereby increasing the efficiency of the system..


Flemish Regulation on Sustainable Management of Material Cycles and Waste Materials (VLAREMA).

This service is mainly required by:

  • industrial companies and SMEs (scrap merchants, de-pollution centres, end-of-life vehicles, contracting firms, etc.)
  • inter-municipal (utility) company, etc..

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