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ATEX Certification and Compliance

You are bound to fulfil a number of specific responsibilities as a supplier or assembler of equipment that will be used in explosion hazardous environments. Depending on the nature of the equipment and the category to which it belongs, the intervention of a Notified Body is required. Even when it is not an absolute necessity, Vinçotte as a Notified Body or a third party can conduct an assessment of conformity. Vinçotte focuses on Module G: Unit verifications with a specific focus on complex assemblies and custom made equipment, for which type certification is not an adequate solution.

As a third party, Vinçotte can always offer a totally independent and impartial assessment of the equipment, based on the requirements of the ATEX Directive, the European harmonised standards, and the experience of experts.

Vinçotte applies the Module G procedure when acting as a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive: Unit verification. As a result, each unit (the equipment or component to be certified) shall be handled on a case-to-case basis. This approach is therefore highly amenable for custom made applications and small series.

The procedure consists of:

  • reviewing the design: have suitable protection methods been selected, and have they been correctly implemented?
  • documentation review: are all necessary and relevant documents present, complete and factually correct?
  • inspection of the unit: verification of the implementation of the design based on inspection and relevant tests.

Vinçotte provides the necessary flexibility in this regard: each order will be approached in a unique manner, tailor-made to the needs of the customer. With regard to inspection and testing, Vinçotte can rely on its wide experience and expertise within a wide range of possible services. Some examples are the acceptance of electrical systems, the functional testing of machines, thermography, and non-destructive testing. With these options, Vinçotte can carry out a suitable ATEX inspection for a wide range of applications. In addition, Vinçotte also has the necessary experts in-house, who will help you comply with the various relevant directives: Machinery Directive, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), AREI (General Regulations for Electrical Installations), etc.

Vinçotte shall issue a (certificate of conformity) after completing the procedure. This evidences the conformity of the equipment. Depending on the exact application, this is a statutory requirement, or can be used for commercial advantage: the expertise of Vinçotte will reinforce your reputation and will foster trust in you.

In a technically complex and changing environment, Vinçotte provides the necessary expertise to help you fulfil the requirements of the ATEX directive from the technical and statutory point of view.


The updated ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Norms and Standards

Evaluation of the ignition sources in accordance with the following:

EN 1127

EN 15198

European harmonised protection/safety methods (among others):

EN 60079 series for electrical applications

EN 13463 series for mechanical applications

Specific standards for each application

Vinçotte shall primarily provide this service to:

  • Suppliers of industrial equipment
  • Assemblers of installations
  • Manufacturing companies in various industries (chemicals/petrochemicals, life sciences, food, metal, etc..)
  • Engineering consultancies

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