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Assessment of bearing capacity of structures exposed to fire

You may wish to know how a structure's load-bearing capacity will continue to function in the event of a fire. You may not know how to meet the requirements of the various fire prevention-related Royal Decrees. In these and other cases, you can turn to Vinçotte to help you in every step of the process of negotiating with the fire services and also in submitting an exemption application. Capitalising on its experience and expertise with calculation tools, Vinçotte can assist you in applying the relevant calculating rules (Eurocodes, Standards) to corroborate the fire-resistant properties of your concrete, steel, wooden,….structures

Against the background of a new construction or renovation project, Vinçotte's engineers will work with you to help apply the calculation rules of the structural Eurocodes and establish the fire-resistance of your structures. Vinçotte will help guide you through the process of interpreting the relevant Royal Decrees so that the required safety level can be maintained. Our analyses will enable you to define the appropriate means of protection to apply to the structural components. In the case of specific buildings, Vinçotte can offer you support in your dealings with the Ministry to secure the appropriate exemptions.

You can rely on the Vinçotte Civil Engineering department to operate as an independent advisor, offering you the expertise you need to find a tailor-made solution and guiding you towards an outcome in keeping with the Royal Decrees that define the fire-resistance requirements applicable to your structures:

  • requirements your structures have to meet,
  • calculation-based evidence of the reliability of your structural components,
  • assistance in choosing constructive solutions best suited to your project,
  • post-fire assessment of your structures,
  • answers to your specific questions,
  • assistance in dealing with the authorities.
  • Royal Decrees
  • General Regulations on Protection at Work and the Code on Well-being in the Workplace
  • Regional and Municipal Regulations

Norms and standards

  • NBN EN 1990 to 1999 (Eurocodes)

Customers generally seek fire assistance to define the fire safety level of their structures.

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