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Welding work - visual inspection

Do you want to have welding work inspected by investigators having the appropriate training and, most importantly, many years of experience? We would be happy to help you through our visual inspection.

Various aspects that will be focused on during the visual examination of welding: Inspection of the basic material, preparations for welding, the welding process, the dimensional checks, the condition of the surface, the working conditions during operation (pressure, temperature, variable load, etc.).

Our researchers possess appropriate training and many years of experience:

  • knowledge of manufacturing methods and their possible inherent shortcomings (laminating, casting, forging, drawing, bending, etc.)
  • knowledge of assembly techniques and faults possibly induced by them (welding, riveting, pouring, cladding, pressing, etc.)
  • knowledge of the application and possible faults that may occur during operation (corrosion, erosion, fatigue, creep, overload, IGSCC (inter-granular stress corrosion cracking), embrittlement caused by hydrogen, etc. + + development of inherent faults during operations or caused by wear and tear)
  • knowledge of other NDT techniques for more detailed inspections in addition to visual inspection (detection of hidden defects and dimensioning)
  • knowledge of the manufacturing and operating codes

The external condition of a part can provide essential information about its condition:

  • relevant flaws (such as folds, breaks, wear, corrosion, open cracks, etc.)
  • underlying hidden defects presenting an external surface irregularity can indicate a more serious fault within)
  • most appropriate NDT technique for further inspections
  • limitations of the other NDT techniques selected
  • leak detection tests, pneumatic tests and hydraulic tests also constitute a separate category in which visual inspection is used to detect evidence of leakages
  • this allows one to quickly obtain an initial idea of the soundness of a piece of equipment, and as an orientation for the additional NDT
  • rejection based on a visual inspection also eliminates the need to incur expenditure on other investigations

Tools can also provide additional options: mirror, endoscope camera

Norms and Standards and legislations

Depending on the type of installation.

This service is primarily intended for manufacturers and operators of process vessels, storage tanks, pipes, etc. The visual inspection is an essential basic technique. Certainly in the field of steel structures, it is an almost self-evident quality check that is not quite as simple as one might think.

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