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Technical, Environmental, Health and Safety due diligence

Is your company undergoing a merger or acquisition? These not only requires the matching of financial or legal aspects, but technical and environmental guarantees as well. Vinçotte would be happy to help you carry out the necessary investigations to reduce uncertainties in this context.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all your risks, our experts carry out a due diligence study during the negotiation process between the two parties. The target company is closely audited during this process and all risks are identified, thereby reducing your insecurities. We handle projects quickly and discretely and offer a wide range of services within a national and international environment.

There are three domains in which Vinçotte can carry out due diligence: Health & Safety and Technical due diligence. Environmental experts closely examine the risk prone parameters.

Welfare and safety are viewed from the point of view of the workplace and in relation to the environment. Have all the laws been complied with? And in case of a company covered under Seveso (European Directive on the risks of industrial accidents), are all the safety reporting requirements satisfied? The technical services primarily relate to the state of the building. This may be the structure, the technical installations, the terrain/premises, etc. We examine all these risks for you.

An M&A (Merger & Acquisition) consultant will provide support for each project, and he will act as the contact person who comes up with solutions. He is advised by a team of specialists who are authorities in their own fields. This approach guarantees efficiency and well-supported projects.

We offer you a vendor due diligence, carried out by an independent specialist. This will increase the credibility of the report and facilitate the negotiations with purchasers

All the services are provided in accordance with the provisions of pertinent European regulations such as CLP [Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation] and REACH and Directives such as Seveso, Federal Welfare law ARAB & CODEX, and regional environmental laws Vlarem I and II, the soil remediation decree and implementation decrees, the Waste Materials Decree and implementation decrees, as well as all applicable environmental regulations.

The seller of a company will benefit from a vendor due diligence. This will help proactively manage the risks well in time by initiating and also adjusting the transaction process itself. On the other hand, a classic due diligence is important for companies that want to compete in a bidding process for the acquisition of a company. Both SMEs as well as leading energy companies, (petro)-chemical and other companies may rely on Vinçotte . Due to our experience, we are fully at home in the various sectors and are familiar with the specific requirements of the domains and can therefore provide your company with national as well as international support.

Vinçotte has the appropriate solution for your situation as well. Contact us f or tailor- made advice.

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