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Supply chain auditing

With a good, well-balanced program for the auditing of your suppliers, you will raise the integrity of your supply chain.
Actively screening and managing your supply chain can protect your company effectively against reputational damage. Vinçotte can help you minimise the risk of social abuses in your supply chain by conducting targeted external audits. By integrating environmental criteria into the audit scheme, we can assist you in spreading your sustainability policy throughout your entire supply chain. This will help you to increase the sustainability performance of your products and services.

Vinçotte will develop an audit strategy for your supply chain. We will identify potential risks in your supply chain and carry out targeted audits to pinpoint the actual risks. If required, we will prepare a multiannual audit program and an action plan.
• A solid reputation as a sustainable company
• Protection against reputational damage
• An improved relationship with your suppliers
• Clear differentiation from your competitors in a global economy.
This service is intended for industrial companies and SMEs (construction, textile, energy, food, etc.), governments, etc. that value the integrity of their supply chain and wish to prevent reputational damage.

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