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Geometrical checks

Do the rails of the track and / or the wheels of the overhead travelling crane show premature wear?

Does the overhead travelling crane suddenly move with greater difficulty over the track?

Accuracy and compliance with tolerances are essential to ensure the proper functioning and the long life of the equipment. Vinçotte not only has the expertise but also the advanced equipment to help you with the following:

  • confirmation of the reference points in connection with the installation of new structures, buildings, fixed cranes, craneways, etc.
  • pre-shipment inspection of lifting equipment such as overhead travelling cranes, mast crane, trolleys of overhead travelling cranes, etc.
  • inspection of lifting equipment during use in case of improper functioning or in case of abnormal wear and tear
  • verification of the manufacturing tolerances (eg. in case of a dispute)

What this service will provide you are numerical references about your buildings and lifting equipments, prepared by Vinçotte as a neutral third party.

Royal Decree of 12th August 1993 on the use of work equipment.

Norms and Standards

NBN E52-003 : Metal structure

  • ISO 12488-1 : Cranes - Tolerances for wheels and travel and traversing tracks ISO 12488-4 : Jib Cranes - Tolerances for wheels and travel and traversing tracks

This service is primarily intended for industry, for SMEs, for engineers responsible for the construction of buildings and lifting equipment of the overhead travelling crane type, for operators of lifting equipment, the craneways, and the runner wheels that are easily damaged.

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