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Audit of collective and individual protective equipment during construction works

Our experts will analyse your protective equipment in a bid to help you prevent hazardous situations. They have the necessary expertise and experience to identify and prevent risks.

In the light of the information our experts receive in consultation with the contractor, they can undertake risk analyses focused on your various items of protective equipment (depending on the environment in which they are used). Our analyses are invariably activity-specific.

Our two most common services are:

  • inspecting and verifying the fall prevention system,
  • respiratory breathing equipment (avoiding contact with harmful substances).

Working together with Vinçotte we offer you the advantage of extensive know-how within one company. In the event of other examinations, inspections and assistance being required, experts from other disciplines can be mobilised in a very short period of time. For example, we can call upon the services of our laboratory when specific items are discovered or further measurements can be made. You may also count upon the years of experience built up by our experts.

This service enables you to be better prepared for preventing hazardous situations, thus being able to guarantee everyone's well- being.

  • General Regulations on Protection at Work
  • Code applied in the context of temporary and mobile work sites

Norms and standards

  • not applicable

This service is intended for all stakeholders involved in building operations.

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