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Water analysis

Our experts are authorised to conduct water inspections. We do this in various domains such as steam generators, drinking water, well water, etc. We provide you with objective advice on the safe and economic operation of water treatment installations and support you in the choices that you make in this regard.

The most important domains in which our experts provide their services are:

Steam generators:

  • In accordance with Article 10.2.2. of the Royal Decree of 18/10/1991, in conjunction with the periodicity of the legally obligatory internal inspections of steam generators, Vinçotte conducts legally mandated periodic water inspections on steam generators, with a view to classifying them into group 1, 2 or 3.
  • Outside the scope of this regulation and if so requested by the operator, we also conduct periodic water inspections on steam boiler installations in order to determine the quality of the pre-treatment, the feed and boiler water, the steam and condensates. This provides the operator and insight into the condition of his installations from the point of view of safe and economic operation.
  • Enterprises can also approach Vinçotte for advice relating to the conditioning, the nature and frequency of the analyses carried out, and the automatic measurements.
  • We help you draw up the specifications for water treatment installations, and to conduct acceptance tests, efficiency tests of installations such as reverse osmosis, demineralisation stations, thermal degassers or steam purity measurements.
  • We conduct audits relating to damage claims in order to find out their causes and to prevent a repetition of the same.

Corrosion problems:

  • Corrosion studies relating to water issues are carried out in collaboration with the metallographic laboratories of Vinçotte. In this connection, water samples and deposits are analysed.

Drinking water, well water, etc. :

  • The Vinçotte laboratories are not officially authorised to analyse drinking water, swimming pool water or wastewater. Vinçotte does carry out specific sampling if so requested by customers in conditioned receptacles in compliance with standard procedures, but the analyses are subcontracted to authorised laboratories.
  • For analyses relating to legionella, you may also approach us.

Working with Vinçotte offers you the following advantages:

Vinçotte can act as an authorised body for the conduct of water inspections as per the Royal Decree of 18/10/1991, so that you can adjust the period between the periodic inspections.

We can also carry out inspections and analyses outside the scope of what is legally required, in connection with the operation of steam generators. We are a fully independent company, not bound to suppliers of products, appliances or equipment, that provides objective advice on the safe and economic operation of water treatment plants. This may range from the choice


Water analyses of steam generators are subject to the Royal Decree of 18/10/1991 and the Ministerial Decree of 28/10/1991.

Drinking water, swimming water and waste water are subject to the Decrees of the various regional governments.

Norms and Standards

The following (and related) standards apply to water analyses for steam generators:

  • NBN I01-003 , -004 and 005
  • NBN EN 12952-12
  • NBN EN 12953-10
  • TRD 611

Companies with industrial installations may approach Vinçotte for the water treatment of steam generators. Furthermore, we also support suppliers and engineering consultancies prepare specifications and to conduct acceptance tests. Analyses relating to corrosion problems are conducted on request for companies that are confronted with these issues. As regards the quality of drinking water, Vinçotte is mainly commissioned by the Internal Prevention and Protection Service of various companies.

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