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Energy Performance Tests

Interested in testing your energy performance? In that case, you have come to the right place. Vinçotte has been the market leader in Belgium for such inspections for many years.

We conduct tests on all your establishments, irrespective of their size:

  • combustion plant: furnaces, boilers, cogeneration units, incinerators, etc.
  • heat exchangers: heat exchangers: condensers, coolers, etc.
  • turbines
  • cooling units, etc.,

This service is traditionally used in connection with deliveries of new or renovated installations (verification of guaranteed performances such as the efficiency, capacity, power, consumption).

As part of the audits conducted, this service can also assess the condition of existing installations, particularly from the point of view of evaluating the relevance of an investment. These measuring instruments also enable long-term recordings (energy accounting). Thanks to these measurements, one can also determine the lowest combustion values of fuels with low homogeneity (waste, biomass, etc.), by means of a balance sheet.

Vinçotte shall place its experienced personnel and a full range of calibrated measuring instruments (temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity, gas analysis, etc.), and its status as an independent investigative body, at your disposal.

These measurements offer an objective and accurate means to determine your actual performance level at any given moment.

Our service is intended for all sectors that are concerned with investments or energy audits. Our applications comprise installations of a household format as well as large industrial units. The verification of the guaranteed performance is certainly a necessary phase after each investment.

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