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Technical advice while composing calculation notes and Technical Specifications

If you are looking for technical advice about producing your calculation booklets and specifications, Vinçotte is your ideal partner, whose experts have many years of experience to draw upon.

Our experts can assist your in preparing your specifications and calculation booklets, offering you advice about items such as the standards, guidelines and regulations that must be included in your specifications. In the case of your calculation booklets our recommendations cover areas such as standards and instructions that may be used to describe and calculate a specific problem.

Our service enables you to produce well-constructed specifications and calculation booklets reflecting the know-how we have built up over the years.

  • Royal Decrees
  • General Regulations on Protection at Work and the Code on Well-being in the Workplace
  • General Regulations on Electrical Installations
  • Regional and Municipal Regulations

Norms and standards

  • Belgian and European standards, including standards in the series NBN EN 1990 to 1999 (Eurocodes) and the series NBN B
  • Single Technical Specifications STS
  • Technical information WTCB, OCW and ATG
  • Technical requirements ETAG and PTV
  • Specific specifications

This service is primarily designed for architects or design offices requiring assistance in preparing specifications or calculation booklets. Independent prime contractors can also benefit from our expertise.

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