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ISO 45001 OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety assessment series

Setting up a dynamic system to manage risks, overseeing and constantly improving, determining and ensuring compliance with legislation on wellbeing, raising awareness and involving all of your personnel, etc. are just some of the missions or challenges to which companies are becoming increasingly attentive.

Faced with such complexity, standard ISO 45001 (previously OHSAS 18001) is used to direct and structure a health and safety management system and is becoming a virtually unequalled tool. Certification in line with ISO 45001 referencing means that your willingness to go in this direction will be more visible. With Vinçotte, you are guaranteed the support of an independent organisation which will help you meet the requirements set out in standard ISO 45001. The worldwide expansion of certified companies is a testament to this.

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There are several stages in the certification cycle:

  • making contact and gathering information.
  • making the offer/placing the order.

Pre-audit (if requested by the client, the term may be changed if they so choose): The purpose of a pre- audit is to resolve any issues raised and analyse the system set up overall.

  • Preparatory visit (Stage 1): analysis and assessment of cases, observation of application on the ground, preparation of an audit schedule, all this in an open setting to ensure that the system is ready for certification.

Audit and report

An audit entails checking system documentation, implementing it within the company and its effectiveness, in other words, how suitable it is for achieving results. Observations and comments are logged in an audit report.

Decision and certificate

(corrective measures) Based on this report, the organisation's certification committee decides whether or not the company can be certified. In the case of a positive opinion, a certificate is awarded. Otherwise, a post-audit will have to be carried out within 3 months to ensure that corrective action is taken so that one can conclude that the system does now meet the requirements of the standard.

Monitoring audits

A monitoring audit will be carried out annually. The audit entails assessing system continuity and ensuring its upgradability. ISO 45001 certificates are valid for three years and a cycle includes one certification audit and monitoring audits.

Correctly meeting the requirements of standard OHSAS 18001 means that:

  • your company demonstrates a management structure which minimises risks to the health and safety of its personnel and other interested parties.
  • tools will be put in place to engender a significant reduction in the number of accidents and consequently a reduction in inherent direct and indirect costs.
  • your employees are motivated and are more aware of their roles and how important it is for them to ensure their safety, which will also increase their involvement in reaching other targets (quality, environment, social, etc.).
  • Your clients are guaranteed a responsible supplier.
  • The community and other interested parties perceive an image improved overall.

Furthermore, Vinçotte's experienced auditors, all well-informed on prevention, can help you increase system effectiveness and tell you whether you already have a quality or environmentally-friendly management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.), and can help you become more integrated; standard ISO 45001 is compatible with this international management system referencing.

The ISO 45001 certified system must integrate a process which manages identification, assessment, application and monitoring of current legislation and regulations. and commitment to inherent compliance.

The service is aimed at any kind of company (production and/or service), regardless of its size or the sector concerned, which wishes to integrate a dynamic health and safety management system.

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