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Qualification of polyethylene (PE) welders

Do you use utility lines, or do you use thermoplastics? Or do you wish to prove to your customers that you use skilled PE welders? We conduct the necessary inspections during the welding of plastics in your pipelines and also qualify welders for the issue of a welding permit.

Vinçotte inspects welding in plastic of gas as well as other utility pipelines. This inspection is necessary before the pipelines can be brought into use. On the other hand, Vinçotte is also authorised to qualify plastic welders, either on the premises of the manufacturer/contractor itself or in one of the training centres authorised by the Royal Association of Belgian Gas Workers (KVBG) (for gas pipelines). In such case, Vinçotte issues the official welding permit which shall be valid for one year.

It is important to be able to recommend professionally qualified welders to customers, with the necessary qualifications and experience. In the gas sector (ARGB) the qualification of PE pipeline welders is mandatory; they must hold a welding permit, an official document with a validity period of two years (renewable).


For plastic welders, the NBN T-42-011 shall apply - “Polyethylene piping systems - Directives for the training, qualification and re-approval of welders executing butt welds, socket welds, and electrofusion”.

Furthermore, KVBG/2000.21.02 is also applicable - “KVBG procedure for the training, qualification and re-inspection of PE welders for the construction of gas distribution networks”. Additional directives of the KVBG as laid down by the authorised KVBG committee also apply.

This service is primarily aimed at manufacturers and contractors who are active in the world of thermoplastics, such as for example installers of utility pipelines in the natural gas sector, installations in accordance with the applicable directives of the Royal Association of Belgian Gas Workers (ARGB).

In addition, plastic welders are qualified for other types of industrial pipelines, equipment manufacture, etc. These welder qualifications can be issued for all types of thermoplastics, including sheets, tubes, films, etc.

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