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Execution of general construction tests and analyses

If you discover your building is showing signs of damage, you want to have an idea of the condition of a certain structure or you would like an expert to investigate your structural problem further, you can call upon the services of Vinçotte, as an ideal partner. A team of structural engineers and architects is ready to help you with any such issues.

Our experts will carry out various tests and analyses focused on damp problems, resistance of materials and quality and performance checks.

Some of the issues we deal with:

Damp problems

  • using a Karsten Tube to perform absorption tests on facades
  • using a carbide bottle to measure moisture
  • electronic moisture measurements
  • etc.

Resistance of materials

  • using a scriber to check surface hardness of covering floors
  • etc.

Checking performance quality

  • floor flatness measurements
  • installing metres to monitor cracks
  • etc.

A report featuring the measurement results will be drawn up while the accompanying analyses are established and delivered as a basis for deciding if the work has been carried out in keeping with the requirements, what the cause and scale of the damage is, ...

  • Royal Decrees
  • General Regulations on Protection at Work and the Code on Well-being in the Workplace
  • General Regulations on Electrical Installations
  • Regional and Municipal Regulations

Norms and standards

  • Belgian and European standards, including standards in the series NBN EN 1990 to 1999 (Eurocodes) and the series NBN B
  • Single Technical Specifications STS
  • Technical information WTCB, OCW and ATG
  • Technical requirements ETAG and PTV
  • Specific specifications

This service is primarily required by:

  • contractors
  • building managers
  • architects
  • private individuals
  • etc.

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