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Inspection of masts, flares and chimneys

A flare, mast or chimney is a static but often essential element in your company. They are often designed to continue in service for many years. However, in this long life, unforeseen problems may also occur. In order to be able to respond to such problems, it is essential to thoroughly monitor the condition of your mast, flare or chimney.

First of all, we measure the verticality using a theodolite. We do this by measuring the position in the XY plane at various heights. This may reveal the subsidence of the foundation or even a crack or bend in the mast, flare or the chimney itself. Old masonry chimneys are particularly prone to this phenomenon.

We then measure the tension on the guy wires if any. For this, we use a calibrated device that can measure the tension in the wire ropes accurately based on a three-point bending.

Finally, we check the internal and external condition of the guy wires by subjecting them to a magneto-inductive test. In this connection, our device is pulled over the guy wires with the help of a winch. Guy wires fail primarily due to tension fatigue, which results in internal wire breaks. The magnetic inductive test is the most suitable technique to detect and evaluate the same.

A clear perspective on the condition of your mast, flare or chimney, with advice from our expert.

Norms and Standards

  • ISO 4309:2010
  • EN 12927

This service is intended for the chemical industry, steel industry, power grid, etc. with masts, flares or chimneys. The intention is to periodically monitor such installations.

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