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Vendor appraisal

Do you wish to assure yourself that your potential supplier has the technical and organisational capabilities to design, build and inspect equipment in conformity with your requirements? Our experts will conduct audits to help you select the most suitable supplier for you.

The objective of this service is not to certify a supplier’s quality system, but to conduct ‘technical’ audits that focus on the objective to be achieved, to supply you with equipment that fulfils your expectations. You may commission such evaluations either voluntarily or because they are mandatory under the regulations. Here are a few examples of the aspects that will be reviewed:

  • welding operations
  • the manner in which the inspections will be organised
  • non-destructive tests
  • destructive tests
  • the traceability of materials
  • the calibration of measuring appliances
  • the availability of work instructions for operators
  • drafting technical documentation
  • etc.

Our auditors have accumulated considerable experience in monitoring the manufacture of the type of equipment to be supplied.

The conclusions arising from these audits will help you select a new supplier.

This service offers you:

  • An objective assessment of a supplier’s ability to meet the specific technical requirements of an order.
  • Help in selecting a supplier before placing an order.
  • You have sufficient trust in the capabilities of a supplier independently of any economic or business criterion.


The supplier assessment is mostly done on a voluntary basis on the request of a customer, based on his specifications that are used as references.

Norms and Standards


This service is mainly intended for operators, contractors, stockists, manufacturers and engineering consultancies.

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