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Regulatory inspections of lifting equipment

Of all the equipment that can be used for work, some that are termed: « Lifting equipment » under the law, are to be inspected by an External Service for Technical Control in the Workplace (EDTC), like Vinçotte.

This includes:

  • lifting equipment (crane, overhead travelling crane, gantry crane, hoist, lifter, etc.)
  • lifting accessories
  • goods elevators
  • passenger lifts at construction sites
  • material lifts
  • mobile suspension scaffolds
  • hydraulic platforms
  • cableways
  • lifting crates, baskets, chairs (suspended from a crane)
  • equipments occasionally used as one of these tools

Our structure makes it possible to group these kits together, so that we can entrust the inspection of the same to one of our specialists, in accordance with your specific organisation, such as for example:

  • fire fighting equipment
  • construction site material
  • dock equipment

Our service offers you several advantages, such as:

  • the safety of workers and lifting equipment
  • compliance with employment legislation
  • a substantial legal protection
  • the durability of the inspected equipment, by detecting mechanical faults, wear and tear, deficient functioning

The Code on welfare at work.

ARAB, Article 280.

Pre-commissioning inspections of new lifting equipment. The user is obliged to verify the conformity of the lifting equipment with the requirements of the "Machinery" Directive (2006/42/EC), and related guidelines. This inspection is not intended to verify compliance with the requirements of the "Work Equipments" Directive, but Vinçotte can perform this task for you.

Inspection of lifting equipment after modifications, repair or reconstruction, before re-commissioning it. In case of re-commissioning, the intention is to check whether the lifting equipments are sufficiently safe for use after the user has carried out modifications, alterations or repairs, in accordance with the “Work Equipment” Directive (89/655/EEC RD of 12-08-1993 and 95/63/EG RD of 04-05- 1999).

ARAB, article 281.

Periodic inspection 4 times a year, unless otherwise stated. In addition, Vinçotte can carry out the risk analysis of your lifting equipment, as imposed by the Code on Welfare at Work.

Norms and Standards

All relevant parts of the "Safety Standards".

This service is primarily intended for industry and SMEs. Private individuals can also avail of this service for lifts.

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