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Fire retardant paint systems

Do you need advice about fire-retardant Rf paint systems? Or do you prefer an expert and a follow up of your project from start to finish? Various interventions are possible when you collaborate with Vinçotte, and you will have full discretion to decide.

This comprises a series of possible interventions that range from expert advice in the selection of a system for treating the base surface, to the final inspection after applying the paint. Our expertise also extends to an inspection of the test certificates and the calculation of the layer thickness of the paint that must be applied depending on the steel profile to be protected.

If the work is carried out correctly, Vinçotte issues a certificate. This document confirms that the work has been carried out in accordance with the requirements and the required Rf value.


Annexes 1 to 5 to the Royal Decree of 19th December 1997 amending the Royal Decree of 7th July 1994 relating to the basic standards for the prevention of fire and explosions in new buildings (Belgian Official Gazette 30/12/1997), lays down the minimum requirements for the design, construction and organisation that must be satisfied by new buildings.

The resistance to fire (Rf) and the assessment of the fire resistance of a construction element has been defined in Annex 1 - part 2 of the Royal Decree.

Norms and Standards

IVP - Quality Directive

Fire retardant paint systems either directly or indirectly encountered in all sectors:

  • industry
  • industrial painting companies
  • the construction sector
  • paint manufacturers
  • engineering consultancies and architectural firms
  • public utility institutions

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