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Review of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

People are becoming increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of products and services. An increasing amount of importance is also being paid to environmental protection. Among other things, these two elements have stimulated the development of methods to better measure and understand environmental impacts. One of the available methods to do this is the analysis of the life cycle of products and services (Life Cycle Assessment). Vinçotte conducts the review of the results of your lifecycle analysis so that you need not hesitate to use these results in your marketing campaign.

Performing an LCA makes several things possible:

  • the possibilities for improving the environmental performance of your product at various points of its life cycle are identified;
  • notifying decision-makers in industry, government, etc. about your genuine efforts to reduce your environmental impact;
  • comparing the life cycle of products and services;
  • commercially benefiting from a proactive environmental policy.

For the review of the life cycle analysis, Vinçotte has a team of trained experts.

Vinçotte can carry out the entire review of your global or targeted LCA. The review will focus on the following, among others:

  • the objective of the LCA
  • the limits of the system
  • the inventory of the primary and secondary data
  • analysis of the environmental impact, cut-offs, allocations if any, etc.
  • the quantified environmental impacts

During the review, we shall clearly point out where your lifecycle analysis can be further improved or refined.

Once the life cycle analysis is reviewed, you can communicate the results to clients, government, ...

When you have a life cycle analysis reviewed by Vinçotte:

  • You can develop a solid reputation as a sustainable company and are prepared for the increasingly more stringent requirements relating to the environmental performance of products and services
  • You can distinguish yourself from your competitors in a global economy.
  • You have the option of consolidating and strengthening your market position by responding to the trend for sustainable procurement by the government.
  • You can communicate about the environmental performance of your products and services

Norms and Standards

The ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 (LCA) standards apply to this service. Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint of the European Commission (OEF).

This service is extremely beneficial to companies that wish to communicate the environmental impact of their products and services in an environmental database.

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