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On site metallographic replication - Metallographic replicas

Materials in petrochemical plants and high temperature applications suffer heavy wear and tear. With non-destructive metallographic replicas, it is possible to monitor/follow up the ageing process or structural changes caused by overheating, or to check temperature treatments. We also use the technology for crack investigations. Metallographic replica enables the estimation or close follow-up of whether specific components require replacement in the short or long term.

  • On-site production of the replica (impression of the microstructure) by an experienced operator.
  • Processing of the replicas in our metallurgical laboratory and interpretation by a metallurgist.

The replica technique allows you to quickly and non-destructively obtain crucial information about your processing plant.

Determining a condition caused by the process conditions 

  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Energy production
  • Claim files after fire

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