Technical inspections within the context of the ten-years liability insurance of designers and contractors

As part of the requirement for you to take out a 10-year guarantee insurance policy, our experts will inspect the construction (or renovation, extension) of your structure during the design and implementation stages with a view to drawing up the relevant report.

According to Belgian legislation, all building partners (architects, engineers), contractors, subcontractors, …) are liable for 10 years for the stability of their construction work and also for its wind and water tightness in most cases.

The prime contractor can take out insurance for this liability to cover the building and all the different construction partners. For example, any error appearing in the stability calculation is covered by the insurance policy. However, you need to have a report to be able to seek this insurance, which is where Vinçotte can play a role.

Operating as your ideal partner, our inspections will focus on:

  • your plans
  • your calculation booklets
  • your specifications
  • your technical data sheets
  • the onsite implementation process
  • the temporary handover

Covering not only the shell and core works, wind and water tightness as the basic package but also the completion and finishing work, special techniques and fire safety if required.

Our inspections not only cover the implementation process (checking documents) but also involve checking to ensure the process is proceeding according to the documents examined, the applicable standards and the code of good practice. For these inspections, our experts rely upon the standards and Eurocodes shown at the bottom of this document. We also use specific technical instructions (from organisations, for example) in some cases.

These inspections can also be requested merely for control purposes so the report provided is used not for seeking insurance but to reduce the quality costs of structural defects.

Owing to its independent status, Vinçotte is not bound to contractors, architects,..

As part of this service you will be issued with a final report for the purpose of taking out a 10- year guarantee insurance policy for all the construction partners. The inspection can also help you to reduce the quality costs of structural defects.

The report can be prepared for 4 aspects of a structure/building:

  • the shell and core works of the building and/or
  • the completion and finishing work and/or
  • the technical installations and/or
  • fire safety.
  • Art. 1792 and 2270 of the Civil Code
  • Royal Decrees
  • General Regulations on Protection at Work and the Code on Well-being in the Workplace
  • General Regulations on Electrical Installations
  • Regional and Municipal Regulations

Norms and standards

  • Belgian and European standards, including standards in the series NBN EN 1990 to 1999 (Eurocodes) and the series NBN B
  • Single Technical Specifications STS
  • Technical information WTCB, OCW and ATG
  • Technical requirements ETAG and PTV
  • Specific specifications

This service is designed for different types of stakeholders: prime contractors, contractors, public institutions,…

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