30 January Solutions , Projects

Vinçotte launches ViA, your quick start to asset integrity management

Advanced inspection techniques and Remote visual inspection (RVI) techniques such as drones & robots produce a large amount of data. By creating a digital twin of your critical equipment, incorporating a digital inspection plan, enabling advanced & less intrusive inspection techniques Vinçotte changed the vision on testing and inspections.

These data can significantly increase asset knowledge, safety, inspection & maintenance efficiency. If well managed & integrated into the right processes then it creates unique opportunities to shorten or even avoid shutdowns, lower costs (less scaffolding) and reduce humans risks.

With ViA, you have inspection plans, centralized data, a communication tool, and insights into what needs to be done, all in one place, and the foundation for an asset management strategy.

You can see immediately on your screen in 3D what needs to be done where on your asset!

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