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Vestas wins Health & Safety Oscar at Belgian Off-shore Days thanks to Digi-Tags

Last week, the Belgian Offshore Days 2024 concluded with the presentation of the BOC Oscars 2024. Vestas won the Health & Safety Oscar at this event thanks to Digi-Tags

Vestas Offshore Wind, operator of the largest wind farm in Belgium won this award for their implementation of Digi-Tags, Vinçotte's digital Asset Safety Management tool.

Congratulations Vestas! The Health & Safety award recognises Vestas' commitment to innovation and efficiency. Digi-Tags has helped them streamline the statutory inspection process for their wind farm, saving valuable time and resources.

Roeland de Witte, HSE consultant for Vestas was presented with the Health & Safety Oscar on 29 March last.


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Fun Fact: During a "man over board" situation in the maritime world, the "O-flag" or "oscar-flag" is drawn. Hence, the award is called an Oscar and that is why the BOC oscar is shaped like the man-over-board dummy used during man-over-board and rescue exercises.