24 April News , Events

The first Vinçotte Jobday was a success, thanks to you.

Last Saturday, we organised our first Vinçotte Jobday and so many of you dropped by to show your interest.

A lot of you came by to visit and showed a lot interest in the many demonstrations that our enthusiastic colleagues passionately shared with you.

Besides the many presentations on thermography, drone inspection, cable inspection, the Innoptus Solar Car,... there was also the final of the EditX Electromechanics Challenge, where the best 10 professionals and best 10 students of the online competition fought for first place, by completing a number of typical inspection tasks.

Congratulations to the 10 finalists and congratulations to Cléante Dierickx (Professionals) and Emma Declercq (Students) who took first place. Congratulations and enjoy your €1,500.00 flight voucher!

Below are some more mood photos from the day. A video will follow later.