26 February News , Solutions

Periodical inspections of fire detection and fire alarm systems with drones

Inspection of smoke detectors can sometimes be a challenge. In high spaces, such as production halls, it is difficult for inspectors to reach smoke detectors. This can lead to delays, production interruptions and safety risks.

We offer a personalised solution for checking smoke detectors in high rooms or hard-to-reach places. We use a drone to reach smoke detectors without any delays, production interruptions or safety risks.

How it works

Our inspectors decided to combine a drone with an aerosol canister. They devised a mechanical system to activate the aerosol canister and an electronic system to activate the mechanical system. Since it is difficult at high altitude to see if the drone is properly positioned to spray, they also added a laser pointer to the drone.

The benefits of using a drone to check smoke detectors are numerous.

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