26 September News , Solutions , Whitepaper

How does a company become CO2 Neutral?

Reducing CO2 emissions is a challenge that we as humanity face. More and more companies are therefore taking necessary step towards "CO2 neutrality". In other words, they ensure that their CO2 emissions are calculated in a Carbon Footprint and reduced as much as possible until they are neutral. Read in this whitepaper how your company can take the step to become a CO2 Neutral company.

CO2 Neutral label #

The "CO2 Neutral" label is a collaboration between CO2logic and Vinçotte.

The label guarantees that the companies and organisations have been validated and actively calculate, reduce and, if necessary, offset their CO2 emissions so that they are completely CO2 neutral. This label is the ultimate proof that the recognised companies have real climate ambitions with a view to a more sustainable future.

You can also take the very first step towards "CO2 Neutral" today by downloading our white paper and contacting our consultants.

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