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ADR Safety Consultant

The Belgian Royal Decree of 5 July 2006 makes it mandatory in some cases to appoint an ADR safety consultant. Vinçotte can fulfil this role for you. Our consultants keep a sharp watch on how regulations evolve and will assist you as and when necessary.

The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (‘ADR’) regulates the road haulage of this category of goods. In some cases a company is required to appoint an ADR safety consultant. At Vinçotte we have safety consultants who will assist you in implementing and meeting the substantial body of ADR regulations and constructively guide you through their customised embedding in your company.

The safety consultant will advise you on operational matters. This includes:

  • assisting in identifying your ADR obligations and correctly identifying the dangerous goods;
  • setting down procedures to ensure the existence of and compliance with requirements for identifying the dangerous goods; being carried.
  • examining working practices and checking the equipment used to carry, load and unload dangerous goods;
  • introducing suitable emergency procedures for accidents or incidents that might jeopardise safety during carriage, loading or unloading of dangerous goods
  • performing analyses and preparing an annual ADR report and reports on accidents, incidents or serious violations during carriage, loading or unloading of dangerous goods;
  • introducing appropriate measures to prevent repetition of accidents or serious violations.
  • determining how allowance is made when selecting and using subcontractors or other agents for compliance with legal requirements and the special needs for the carriage of dangerous goods;
  • checking whether personnel engaged for the carriage, loading and unloading of dangerous goods are in possession of detailed working procedures and instructions;
  • introducing methods to make sure that the safety documents and equipment that must accompany the carried goods are actually on board of the vehicles and meet the requirements;
  • introducing methods to check compliance with loading and unloading requirements.

Considerable flexibility characterises our way of working. Our experts can handle for your company all the specific tasks that the Royal Decree prescribes for a safety consultant, and they can also provide you with support as a partner in answering specific questions about ADR regulations. What’s more, the Vinçotte safety consultants are multidisciplinary experts who can help you address environmental and safety issues.


ADR lays down rules for the carriage of dangerous goods by road. The rules are updated every uneven year. Not all changes are equally far-reaching, but companies subject to the rules are nevertheless required to be and remain familiar with them.

In addition to ADR there are national regulations that apply to the carriage of dangerous goods. The Belgian Royal Decree of 5 July 2006 makes it mandatory to appoint a safety consultant and to define his tasks, for example.

We will be pleased to advise you by way of support and also through a complete A to Z approach to the matters your company needs to address. At Vinçotte we operate across multiple sectors, working for organizations ranging from SMEs to large industrial groups.

We always work very flexibly in a way appropriate to the scale of your company in fulfilling your wishes and expectations.

For your particular situation, too, Vinçotte has the right solution. Contact us for tailor-made advice.

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