BRC Storage and Distribution

Quality and food safety are of crucial importance for you as a company involved in the storage and transport of food products or packaging material for the food industry. Purchasers of your products require you to offer guarantees of your firm commitment to quality and food safety. Are you able to provide these guarantees and are they accepted worldwide? Is this confirmed by an independent third party?

As part of the audit trail for BRC Storage and Distribution the Vinçotte auditor is required to assess your company's ability to meet the conditions specified in the BRC Storage and Distribution standard. Under this heading, an examination is made of the quality system and HACCP system, along with your ability in practice to deliver products that live up to your customer's expectations in terms of hygiene and storage and transport conditions.

  • An in-depth assessment of your quality and food safety system by a competent BRC-accredited auditor
  • A detailed audit report clearly indicating, if necessary, any departures from the BRC Storage and Distribution standard and allowing you to minimise your risks
  • Where appropriate, a certificate offering you the opportunity to draw your customers' attention to your efforts
  • Accredited by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), BRC therefore meets the requirements specified by retailers
  • Inclusion in the publicly accessible BRC register of certified companies
  • Lower costs and less time required to complete supplier audits

Norms and standards

General regulatory legislation EU/178/2002

Food hygiene EU/852/2004

Hygiene of food of animal origin EU/853/2004

Microbiological criteria EU/2073/2005

Consumer information EU/1169/2011

Contact materials EU/1935/2004

BRC Storage and Distribution

BRC Storage and Distribution applies to all activities covering food logistics or packaging for use in the food industry. If you are a provider of logistics services or an independent broker with your own warehouses and/or transport services this standard applies to you.

BRC has specific standards for companies processing food products (BRC Food), manufacturing packaging (BRC IoP) and for companies importing and exporting products (BRC Agents and Brokers).

Certification according to the BRC Storage and Distribution standard may be combined with another certification, such as certification according to the IFS Logistics standard, the ISO 22000 standard or according to the Self-Appraisal guides

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