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Validatie CO2-neutraliteit

Do you wish to obtain recognition for your genuine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and to communicate them to the outside world? Together with CO2logic, Vinçotte offers you the solution.

CO2 neutrality can be achieved by calculating and reducing the CO2 emissions of a company or a product, and subsequently compensating the remaining CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate projects. Most companies reduce their CO2 emissions to save energy costs, but efforts must extend beyond this in order to effectively tackle climate change. The remaining CO2 emission must also be compensated. This stimulates companies to take up their responsibility for the remaining impact of their business operations on the climate, and not to pass them on to society and to future generations.

Vinçotte can help you make your company CO2 neutral together with CO2logic. CO2logic calculates your existing CO2 emissions, identifies the options to reduce these emissions, and selects a sustainable project to compensate your remaining emissions. Vinçotte validates this process, after which you will obtain the CO2 Neutral Label.

If you have a CO2 Neutral Label:

  • You can remove all possible doubt that could be raised concerning your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions. You can distinguish yourself from your competitors in a global economy.
  • Your company obtains a preferential position with your clients who value sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • It will be possible for you to consolidate and strengthen your market position by responding to the trend for sustainable procurement by the government.

Norms and Standards

  • PAS 2060 – the international CO2 neutrality approach of the BSI (British Standards Institution)

This service is for industrial companies and SMEs (construction, textiles, energy, food, etc.), governments, sector federations, etc. that focus on the environmental performance of their products and services.

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