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Vinçotte operators who certified in the use of this method will conduct the necessary measurements on site, using modern, compact and reliable equipment.

The hardness of a material, of a welding joint or a heat-affected zone is a parameter that often decides the remaining life of a material, the deterioration of materials due to overheating and /or corrosion and erosion etc.

Portable Shore or Vickers durometers enable the non-destructive recording of these on-site measurements. The durometer used for metals is usually calibrated according to the Vickers scale. The values ​​obtained can subsequently be converted to other types of hardness (Rockwell-Brinell).

This service offers you the following benefits:

  • quick verification of various materials certificates
  • in-service inspection
  • ease of execution

The studies are conducted in accordance with the standards and / or specifications mentioned in the specifications of the customer and / or half his representative (ASTM A 370, A833, A 1038, E 384).

This service is available to all companies that engage Vinçotte to conduct hardness measurements using NDT techniques.

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