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Corona update

For Vinçotte, safety at home and on the work floor is always paramount, and in these times of the new corona virus and COVID-19 all the more.

Our internal and support services have switched as much as possible to working from home, but an inspection cannot be carried out remotely. We will therefore ensure that, as far as possible, all controls, audits and inspections are carried out on time and with the best possible precautions, paying attention to the health of your and our employees. Working from home is not an option for our more than 1000 inspectors, auditors and experts. Our employees are informed on how to work safely (regular washing hands with soap and water, keeping a distance, not giving a hand, staying at home in case of symptoms of illness,...)

To ensure business continuity, we will continue to carry out all checks, audits and inspections in Belgium. At the moment, no changes in the frequency of inspections have been announced by the authorities.

We strictly follow the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which advises ALL travel abroad to prevent the spread of the virus. Vinçotte therefore prohibits all professional travel abroad.

If you have specific questions about the implementation or planning of our services, you can always contact your regular contact persons.

General information about the coronavirus can be found on www.infocoronavirus.be of the FPS Public Health.

We continue to take responsibility for your safety.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones..